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Recognized sports

Tug of war contested at the 1904 Summer Olympics. It was later dropped from the Olympic program but remains a recognized sport.Many sports are not included in the Olympic program but are recognized by the IOC.[14] At any time, a recognized sport may be added to the Olympic program in future Games through a recommendation by the IOC Olympic Programme Commission followed by a voting of the IOC membership. When Olympic demonstration sports were allowed, a sport typically first appeared as such before being officially promoted.[5] An International Federation (IF) is responsible for ensuring that the sport's activities follow the Olympic Charter; from the moment their sport is recognized they become official Olympic federations and can assemble with the IOC and remaining Olympic IFs.[15] Recognized sports that are not part of the competition schedule for an Olympic Games usually become part of the schedule of the World Games.

The following sports, though not contested in the Olympic Games, are recognized by the IOC